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Over the past decade REPSET has grown from a small blog into a respected independent clothing label – tightly rooted in BMX. As a brand, REPSET embodies a lifestyle focussed on staying true to the foundations you were built on, growing up while keeping the fun around, and a strong DIY work ethic. All carefully built with respect for the contributions of the past, and influence from the up-and-coming.

REPSET was founded in 2005 as a small website between friends across Canada to curate and share content from around the web. A strong focus on the surrounding BMX scenes, local music, and sneakerhead fashion grew the REPSET blog during its infancy until a pivot came in 2007 to focus solely on Canadian BMX content. The site solidified itself as the go-to source for Canada’s slice of bike riding for years to come. It wasn’t until 2012 that the brand rebased itself in Winnipeg and took another pivot. After noticing a generational gap in the local BMX jams and wanting to fill the void, REPSET began hosting local BMX events funded by early t-shirt designs – all printed and packed from the tiny basement of a BMX house.

Now, years later, we’re grindin’ harder than ever. We’re constantly humbled to see the success of REPSET as it’s grown – We’ve grown our squad, brought the production of our line from a small basement to our own downtown screen-printing studio, hosted and sponsored tons of events attended by countless riders young and old, and continue to push ourselves to stay true to the values that built our brand. We will continuously push to erase the politics and bullshit from Canada’s BMX landscape, and pour 100% of ALL proceeds into fun BMX shit while contributing whatever resources we can to help our friends in other communities do the same damn thing.

Thank you to everyone who has been down, is down, and will be down.


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Sun to Snow – Greg Henry is a Tank

[youtube id=”cK7L3WM91MY”] Greg Henry has been making a name for himself through smooth and heavy peg usage for the majority of the last decade. GH has adopted a new namesake, and The 200lb Greasy Italian Tank hasn’t slowed down a bit despite bustin’ his ass......

Northern Embassy brings the heat to Joyride 150 with 2016 Invitational

[vimeo id=”151837229″] The Northern Embassy is always up to something awesome for Canadian BMX. Earlier this January they put together a contest featuring a ton of well known Canadian shredders, along with an Expert jam/session where the winner gets to join the Pro Teams for......

Chris Silva’s section in Any Means Necessary

[youtube id=”Qc3HjPLsrDg”] I’ve said many words about Chris Silva over the years, but only rarely do we get to share a full section from Toronto’s most prolific street rider. Chris stacked four minutes of his pegless rail destruction into this video with a ton of......

Looking back at Brad Hill’s 2012 SD Footage

[vimeo id=”60029211″] This video brings me back to a really fun era of Canadian BMX. Back in the day, Brad Hill was fortunate enough to tag along with various squads and teams across the country for some of Tenpack’s (RIP) tours and trips. Brad re-posted......

STAY MAD with Jaumell Campbell

[vimeo id=”147406011″] The Stay Mad Movement has been running almost as long as Jaumell has been down with the ‘SET. Our homie in Edmonton teamed up with Jared Chilko, Canada’s Lookback Ambassador. behind the lens to whip together this montage of the elusive Jams. We’re......

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