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Canada has churned out years and years worth of amazing riders from all corners of our country, and it was a great pleasure to get to pick away at the brain of one of South Ontario’s beacons of all-around bike-wizardry. Will Fisher has been flying under radars and over gaps for as long as I can remember, and has paid his dues both on and off the bike for just as long.

Brad Hill was drafted to edit footage from a 1664 trip, and after Will’s separation from the brand (briefly discussed below) his section got put into internet-limbo and we couldn’t let it go unseen. We’re proud to present some old new-to-you Will Fisher footage.

Keep reading for some words with Will about how he got started, TV appearances, sponsor changes, and more.


I’m just kidding about the “everyone’s favourite” thing, but definitely not joking about the destruction by Will Fisher and Drew Bezanson. Will does some crazy stuff including a huge tailwhip transfer, while Drew Bezanson does too-many-to-mention ridiculous moves in the big vert wall. Pretty good for a pair of UNs.

Drew Bezanson is in Estonia right now about to win Simpel Session, wish him luck. Justen Soule did the work on the edit, as well.


I can’t keep up with this shit. The homies Jeff Evans, Will Fisher, Louis Pepin, and Smiley Mike Wilkinson all have updates up on the 1664 website (Louis is on the distro site). Bike checks, interviews, huge handrails, and dirt jump photos. I had the pleasure of following Mike Wilkinson through a set of box jumps that were way too big for me the other day and he is definitely fully on it. Legend. I’d never go as high as him even without just having broken both wrists like Smiley did.

This is awesome. Features some crazy shit from Steven Moxley, Drew Bezanson, Will Fisher, Dillon Lloyd, Josh Cameron, Chijioke Okafo, and Jesse Trnka. Justen Soule put it together and it came out awesome, as usual. via DIG.