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Enns has been an icon in BMX long before moving to California where he now enjoys a seemingly endless supply of pools and other untouched spots. Check out Jason Enns’ awesome section in Volume’s newest full length video ‘The Finer Things‘ where he treats us to a tour of unique transitions, confident toothpick variations, all put together a long long way from his hometown of Winnipeg.

Mike Mastroni did an awesome job on the video – and there’s an awesome feature outline the project. Go check out Mike Mastroni – The Hardest Thing To Do on Dig BMX Magazine for the full story behind the making of Volume’s new video.

4. Jason’s Tunnel Line.

This is one of my favorite clips in Jason’s part from a spot/trick/filming perspective and also because you can tell Jason is just completely in his element here. For anyone who follows Jason on Instagram you know that he lives for finding pools, full pipes, tunnels, or really just any discoverable transition not intended for riding. Working on this line with Jason was like watching a big kid in a candy store as he went to town making dams, cleaning up puddles, and sweeping the entire tunnel of debris. Also, fun fact: The gap to wall from the square tunnel into the round tunnel followed by carves to wallride 180 are actually at two completely different spots about a mile away from each other. With a little filming/editing trickery, nobody would ever be the wiser. For all you nerds reading this, keep that a secret.

Jason also had two awesome behind-the-scenes videos. They’re embedded below for your viewing pleasure.



Chijioke Okafo went to Venice Beach recently and shot a ton of photos with Headford for a Volume ID. There’s a few riding shots mixed in with some… lifestyle shots. The most important part (for me at least) was the interview. Chijioke is a nice guy and never has a bad thing to say about almost anything, so it was funny to read him gloss over the Toronto scene when asked about it. This summer is time for a Toronto scene revival, so get to it. Torture Silva for some spots and move yourselves into a big dirty party house.

This trip looked like a ton of fun. Check out what Harley had to say about it below, and check out some shredding from a bunch of rad Canadians above.

I can’t say enough about the BC Interior is that it’s one of the best places on earth. This trip was one of the highlights of our summer tours, so many great parks and spots, too many good nights and epic beach sessions. Check out some riding from the Volume and Demolition crew (Biz, Alfredo Mancuso, Andy Roode, Chijioke Okafo) as well as a few guests. Filmed by Luke Santucci, edited by Jeremy Deme.


Tenpack is hitting the road again and they released the details of their next tour. If you’re in the area make sure to check it out and meet the big timers.

Things are starting to heat up again for our summer tour schedule. We’re going to be cruising through the BC interior starting next week with the Volume and Demolition teams. Word is that it’s crazy hot in the interior right now (no surprise) so we’ll see everyone at the beaches after we’re done riding! Check out all of the details after the jump to see where we’re going and who will be coming with us!

Ten Pack Summer Tour 2010 – Kelowna/Vernon/Penticton/Langley

Riders: Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan, Alfredo Mancuso, Andy Roode, Chijioke Okafo, Luke Santucci (Eclat).

Thursday, August 12 @ 5:00 PM
Cyclepath Kelowna, 2169 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC, 250-868-0122

Friday, August 13 @ 2:00 PM
Sun Country Cycle, 102-1340 Kalamalka Lake Road, Vernon, BC, 250-545-8775

Saturday, August 14 – ALL DAY
Inferno Jam at Penticton Skatepark with Freedom Cycles (250-493-0686)

Monday, August 16 @ 4:00 PM
Cap’s Bicycles, 20306 Logan Ave., Langley, BC, 604-534-7718

Once again, these times are not set in stone. Things happen on the road and we’ll do our best to be at each shop at the times indicated. Who knows, maybe we’ll even be early! See everyone soon!