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Greg Henry is a video-making extraordinaire. His mind works on a whole other level. This quote from TCU sums it up.

Greg Henry has moved to Vancouver and this is the first FU edit from the west side of Canada. Put together by Greg Henry, it’s fairly obvious that Charlie Crumlish has been replaced as the head FU video director after this work of art.

First and foremost, Happy Holidays to everyone. I’ve been slacking on this one. I know I’ve watched (and enjoyed) this, but it somehow never made it up. Jeremy moved to Vancouver lately, so hopefully we see some more West Coast coverage with some talent behind the lens. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Presence video, as well.

George Bolter isn’t Canadian, but he’s shredding all over Vancouver in this video, and there’s a couple Kelowna clips as well. I’ve also heard that he’s going to have some stuff in the new No Bikes video, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Sometimes I come home really late at night after a drinking session and get motivated as fuck to blog my heart out. Sometimes I also (like tonight) realize that it’s probably not too great of an idea. So, with that said, I only have one post for this evening. I spotted this shit on REDSET and it’s dope. Just a couple photos of some trails in Vancouver snapped by Matt James. Click that little taster above to check out some more of them.

I honestly hope that you’re all so drunk that you don’t even read this post. It’s a long weekend, why are you on the internet? I guess that applies to me too, but whatever, this is my hustle. Get out there and enjoy your god damn selves before you’re crazy old and have a real job and shit.

3Ride put up this short video from the final Re-Session Tour stop which consisted of a street ride through Vancouver. Short and sweet with some solid shredding.

These large scale street jams (like the ones that take place annually in Toronto) are always super successful, and definitely not worth missing out on. Hopefully Tenpack holds it down with all these summer events next year. Forget huge contests, take it back to the grassroots.