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Chijioke has been down with the ‘SET since day one and has been killing it on a bike just as long. Chris Cadot put together this collection of footage filmed by himself and a mix of Chij’s homies in and around Toronto / Niagara region. Watch out for more from Chijioke this year.

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Dufferin Grove is the perfect hockey rink DIY spot that every riding scene needs; a place for a few beers and grinds. A couple of fun jibs, free to get tossed around the space in whatever the locals come up with that afternoon is the perfect recipe for a rad summer spot. Featuring clips from Chijioke OkafoTrent BarkerChris CadotGreg HenryLee DennisBrandon Webster, and Chris Silva via  The Northern Embassy.

In the middle of the city of Toronto, known for its street riding, lays Dufferin Grove Park, or Duff Grove as it is commonly known. Full with a community garden, bone fire pits, and a Thursday evening farmer’s market, it also contains a make shift wooden park that bike riders and skateboarders make the best of. Certain times of the season it may be in total disrepair, and other times it may seem like it is running smoothly. Made of mostly donated ramps (one of which is from us) and rails, the community pitches in where they can to keep this place going.



If you’re in the area and you’re not going to this you are definitely kicked out of BMX in Toronto. I had the pleasure of getting an advanced copy of ICC’s newest video and I have to say, it’s their best work to date. I’ve said it a million times, but I grew up on Lock and Load. Every ICC release since then has gotten better and better and this one is no different. It’s been in the works for a very long time and will definitely not disappoint.

The usual suspects all have amazing sections broken up by pool riding and dirt jumping segments. Drifter Dave is a good as ever, Chris Silva’s steady decline is becoming more and more apparent, George and Byron are still diving down rails like nobody’s business. It’s the fucking ICC and it’s impossible to review without simply sitting here and singing their praises the entire time.

So, get to the premiere, buy a copy of the video, get drunk with the Toronto street legends, and then laugh at the Joyride kids who have no idea what the hell you’re talking about when you tell them who / what a Drifter Dave is.

Hit up The Facebook Event for all the details. You now have no excuse. See you there.


I kind of held off on posting this for a couple days. Mostly because Chris Silva was here, and also out of a little bit of spite because I’m going to miss one of the country’s best events. The ICC Jam ties in nicely with The Tenpack Tour this year, as well. No news yet on which teams are going where, but it’s going to be rad. If you’re in the area, and even if you’re not, you should definitely consider hitting this up.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, as sick as bombing a hill through traffic with 200 BMX riders.

I don’t know, maybe I just watch these things and get too preoccupied to post them. Or maybe it’s because Chris Silva is so good that I feel like you don’t even need to be reminded of it with his videos. Chris filmed this in a day, and has been pumping out a ton of deece edits lately. Watch out for FU3.

The first time I watched this I made a mental note to post it here because it features a ton of spots in Toronto. Since then, I haven’t been able to remember which fucking video I watched with some familiar spots in it, until today. So, although it’s late, I still want you guys to watch this if you haven’t seen it. The video I’m talking about is a TCU Exclusive and I can’t embed it here, so above you’ll find a trailer for the VCLUB video, where Garrett nearly dies from crashing into a car. Toronto spots are right here. Walk with me.