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I’ve been curious about this for a minute and the details finally dropped. Some often-featured dudes made the list and I’m stoked. Congratulations to Greg Henry, Jaumell Campbell, Corey Dewey, Greg Flag and Taylor Elvy. Check out Almond for some more details, and if one of the amazing shops in our sidebar don’t have any Almond’s in stock get them to contact Tenpack right away.

I hate posting shit when I’m involved. So I might as well get it all over with in one post. Go hit up 1664 and check out their new team page to go along with the edit you can watch above.

Also, I never posted my final web video from Winnipeg so I’ve embedded it below. It’s two months old, and I originally planned to keep it off the ‘set (despite people asking where it was) but I figure I might as well get all the self-hype outta here in one shot. Enjoy.

Everything about this is good. The riding / edit / music / everything is on point. Fuck yeah, Edmonton. Watch out for Jaumell Campbell, Luke Santucci, Matt Desson, Lemon Dick, Taylor Elvy, Rob Taylor, Joe Rombs, Mat Ridgeway, Ryan Hiebert, Andy Roode, Chanch, Jimmy, Mike Boag, and Cory Clarke.