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Jake Montgomery, Ian Christison, Andrew White, Andrew Gobbo, Chris Silva, and Steven Moxley all put down some deece moves in this quick SOUR FEVER edit.

While it may seem a little quiet over here lately, there’s been some behind-the-scenes progress on a cool new feature with Chris Silva. Watch out for that.

Steven Moxley is on another level. I’ve mentioned this here a million times before but it’s hard to get it across in writing. His riding is an actual treat to see in person and I think the above video is the first time he’s actually been done justice. This is how Steven actually rides on a daily basis, and the casual level of effort he puts forth in this edit proves it. I couldn’t believe the amount of shit he had done not even twenty minutes into his allotted time.

Steven Moxley has recently been confirmed as Colony‘s newest rider (after it was posted here in December) and they’ve definitely secured themselves a serious threat to the contest scene. Watch out for Steven Moxley.

As much as it pains me to post another god-forsaken indoor ramp video, we can at least credit Steven Moxley for being able to produce a few interesting bangers like he did in the above edit. We can also lend him praise for being able to see some of his riding without having to pay $30 and see it in person. Leaves me wondering how much profit Joyride is cutting Steven into. Also, excuse my constant bitterness towards the price of Joyride, but come on. $30?

So, here it is. Steven Moxley does some wild shit in here including his usual foray of on-deck tap dancing, but the real treat is a vertical smith to whip, and a bar to g-turn a-la-Corey-Martinez. There has been no word on what came of his Facebook-leaked Colony deal, but if that’s fizzled out let’s hope a company with a budget can step in and get Moxley out to all the big contests this year.

Anyway, it’s a SOUR FEVER edit. Chris Silva could send me anything and I’d post it. Don’t abuse that privilege, though. Which reminds me, there’s a big sale poppin’ off on the online store so get some stuff and support Silva’s beard growing research.

Steven Moxley, the insanely robotically amazing rider from who-knows-where Ontario, is rumoured to be riding for Colony according to an extremely casual offhanded remark on Facebook after placing 6th at a contest at Rye Airfield this weekend. Feel free to disregard this as hearsay. It’s a slow day, it’s 2:04AM, and I could be wrong.

EDIT – I didn’t want to mention names, but felt the need to clarify. I gathered this information from a comment Steven’s brother made on Facebook.

I’m posting this from a GO Train because the Sour Fever CEO is getting impatient and hassling me about it. Life of a small-time blogger. If you’re in Toronto, don’t bother calling any of these guys because they don’t ride unless it’s on super secret filming missions at super secret spots that are otherwise locked up for awesome web-videos like the one above.