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Brenten had the camera out during a fall session at Winnipeg’s huge downtown plaza and caught moves from the squad. The caption on this was ‘too lazy to ride street’, but definitely not too lazy to lay a bunch of dope moves down. Featuring Curtis Kroeker, Louelle Smith, and Seth Belmore.

The squad packed up and drove out to Kenora for a weekend of BMX, camping, and jumping off shit into water this summer.
Here’s a short look at the little skatepark warm-up session plus some antics after a day of riding Kenora’s street offerings.

Thanks again to Nic Z. for the hospitality and accommodations.

Shout out to our homie RAYNY for the beat.

Also, in case you missed it, we published a Kenora Photogallery shot by Dennis Burnett, as well.

REPSET - Kenora Photogallery by Dennis Burnett

Chris Silva hasn’t slowed down after a decorated history in BMX and you could make a list a mile long filled with bangers scattered throughout Silva’s many edits and video parts. The timeline of Silva’s filming never really overlaps between projects so they all seem to represent a specific period / trip / bike set-up. Have a flick through this small collection of Silva footage in this #TBT feature.


This promo features street footage from Curtis Kroeker, Brayden Kowaluk, Cory Beal, Louelle Smith, and Nick Rempel. Filmed in Winnipeg and surrounding area during the summer of 2014.

Filmed and edited by Brayden Kowaluk.

Brayden Kowaluk braved the cold of Winnipeg’s harsh winters and brought his camera along to film the happenings at Repset’s unofficial janky warehouse situation. Tons of good moves from the squad as they try to stay warm. Spring is coming.

REPSET - SUMMER SLAM - A BMX contest at Komenda Memorial Skatepark
REPSET is proud to present a BMX contest at The Komenda Memorial Skatepark.

AUGUST 24th, 2013.





All entrants under the age of 18 MUST have their waiver/release form signed by a parent or guardian. The form can be downloaded here (.pdf).

Registration begins at 12PM, don’t be late!

Just to clarify some confusion, the $5 entry fee and waiver is for riders competing only.

Coming out to cruise the park with your pals is strongly encouraged and 100% free. We’ll have a BBQ going so don’t forget to bring your allowance and support the cause anyway.

As always, we’d like to thank Tenpack Distribution and Woodcock Cycle for helping us out and making this all possible.