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Tenpack opened up their Facebook page to let regular people ask Luke Santucci some questions and he recently fielded the answers for the Tenpack blog. Hit that link up to check them out, and keep reading below for some extra ones from me that Harley so foolishly skipped over in the Tenpack edition.

My stance on Montreal changed slightly after receiving an insane ticket for public drunkeness. Has your stance on the city changed since getting beat up by a girl?

Nah, not at all. I love montreal and can’t wait to go back. It’s definitely a place I could see myself living. And I didn’t get beat up, the bitch sucker punched me in the eye from behind, gave me a pretty sweet black eye for a bit.

Do you have any advice for aspiring urban tent dwellers?

If you need to make a room in an otherwise overpopulated house, just set up a tent and put a couch in it. Instant room.

What’s the grimiest thing you’ve ever witnessed on a Tenpack trip?

I don’t think I should say, and I’m not going to. I’m just amazed that it even happened. haha.

Do you feel that Tenpack chose you to film on many of their trips this year because they prefer you behind the lens rather than in front of it?

I’m not sure why they chose me to film but I’m glad they did. It’s all good either way I’m comfortable on both sides of the lens.

Non-riding videos are the new riding videos. This footage is from when Luke Santucci‘s knee was blown out. That injury combined with winter obviously lead to the need for some creativity on the fun-having front. This was all filmed in another epic Canadian BMX house (PARTY PALACE RIP) and it’s really making me miss living with all the homies. Countdown begins. This is also making me really want to do a feature on the REPSET mansion. I wonder if I have enough photos.

Keep your eyes on EMBASSY.

This trip looked like a ton of fun. Check out what Harley had to say about it below, and check out some shredding from a bunch of rad Canadians above.

I can’t say enough about the BC Interior is that it’s one of the best places on earth. This trip was one of the highlights of our summer tours, so many great parks and spots, too many good nights and epic beach sessions. Check out some riding from the Volume and Demolition crew (Biz, Alfredo Mancuso, Andy Roode, Chijioke Okafo) as well as a few guests. Filmed by Luke Santucci, edited by Jeremy Deme.

Everything about this is good. The riding / edit / music / everything is on point. Fuck yeah, Edmonton. Watch out for Jaumell Campbell, Luke Santucci, Matt Desson, Lemon Dick, Taylor Elvy, Rob Taylor, Joe Rombs, Mat Ridgeway, Ryan Hiebert, Andy Roode, Chanch, Jimmy, Mike Boag, and Cory Clarke.