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I can’t keep up with this shit. The homies Jeff Evans, Will Fisher, Louis Pepin, and Smiley Mike Wilkinson all have updates up on the 1664 website (Louis is on the distro site). Bike checks, interviews, huge handrails, and dirt jump photos. I had the pleasure of following Mike Wilkinson through a set of box jumps that were way too big for me the other day and he is definitely fully on it. Legend. I’d never go as high as him even without just having broken both wrists like Smiley did.

I hate posting shit when I’m involved. So I might as well get it all over with in one post. Go hit up 1664 and check out their new team page to go along with the edit you can watch above.

Also, I never posted my final web video from Winnipeg so I’ve embedded it below. It’s two months old, and I originally planned to keep it off the ‘set (despite people asking where it was) but I figure I might as well get all the self-hype outta here in one shot. Enjoy.