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Photo by David Lang.

A week or two ago I helped Paulo at DIG get a hold of Chris Silva for a quick interview. Paulo Martins runs a blog on the DIG website with a focus on Portuguese BMX almost like what we’re doing here, but a Portugal edition. Silva is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met, and even though I’ve heard the hilarious story about his Mother praying for him to stop riding BMX and I’ve heard him recite The Definitive Guide to Handrail Approach about a million times I still found this Quick Talk to be awesome. It’s not often you get a completely different angle from an interview, so it’s definitely worth the read.

While posting this I noticed that Jeff Evans has an interview up, as well. Check that out.

I wish that I got more than just the short impression of Jeff Evans that I received a couple years ago. In BMXFU’s That Counts era, I made a quick little trip down to the Niagara region to ride X-Wheels with Chijioke Okafo and Chris Silva. I slept on the floor of a FU house with no pillow and no blanket and I don’t think I could have been happier. I had heard that Jeff Evans was super good, but I only heard it after an entire day of riding with a crew that included the doesn’t-really-have-a-switch Jetty. We sessionned a huge amount of spots (or so it felt, coming from pretty much nothing) and all I saw Jeff do the entire day was kickflip out of a tiny bank at the very popular Battlefield sub boxes. So I saw a preview of his section in BMXFU’s first video I was obviously blown away, and I think it was one of the first times I experienced an undercover shredder – and I think it influenced my huge appreciation for them as well.

Evans has gone on to produce awesome sections in !!! and it’s an absolute shame we don’t see as much of him anymore. Let’s just be thankful for a quick glimpse in this split edit with Isaac Barnes, and keep our fingers crossed that Jeff’s working on some sort of super secret super-section. FU3: Return of the Jetty would have been perfect, but we can’t have everything.


I can’t keep up with this shit. The homies Jeff Evans, Will Fisher, Louis Pepin, and Smiley Mike Wilkinson all have updates up on the 1664 website (Louis is on the distro site). Bike checks, interviews, huge handrails, and dirt jump photos. I had the pleasure of following Mike Wilkinson through a set of box jumps that were way too big for me the other day and he is definitely fully on it. Legend. I’d never go as high as him even without just having broken both wrists like Smiley did.

Vancouver has been producing lately. This one has no knockers in it, but when I mention Jeff Evans or Andrew Gobbo you should just hit play without thinking.

After failed hitch hiking attempts Jetty, Ploughman and myself rode to Victoria from Swartz Bay, ended up finding a skatepark and some street spots on the way partied at night then rode langford and vicwest the next day. It was a sweaty, sweaty coupla days. WhatchuknowboutBMXFU?