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The end of 2010 has come and gone, and I decided to take a minute and ask some of my all-time favourite Canadians how their year went and how they expect the next one to go. We’ve got Jay Miron, Chris Silva, Jeremy Deme, Dave Osato, Mike Wilkinson, David Lang, Jason Enns, Dave ‘Drifter’ Stewart, and Glen Vanderheyden all down for the cause. Some of them had a great 2010, others not so much. We’ve got accomplishments, failures, hopes, and ambitions from all of them. If you’re Canadian, you’ve heard these names. I hope you find this even half as interesting as I did.


143 years ago a country was formed, and it was named ‘Canada’. Canada occupies most of North America, and has a diversified economy that is reliant upon its abundant natural resources. On October 3rd, 1970, Jay Miron was born. It was instantly and unanimously decided that Canada would no longer celebrate its birthday, and would begin celebrating the birth of The Canadian Beast (one of the country’s greatest accomplishments) on July first, in conjunction with the legend’s actual date of birth.

Some things you can do to celebrate include drinking crown / gingers, getting a pedicure, throwing a double back, and just being generally awesome.

If you’re unaware of why we celebrate this holiday, please review the video above and give yourself a bit of a history lesson. Enjoy.


Long live the Canadian Beast. Jay Miron “put a bike together and shredded Horseshoe Bay last Sunday” and reading about it got me stoked. Made it easy for me to pick an old magazine scan for this evening. Second page is after the jump.

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Yeah, you read correctly. It’s almost crazy to think about. Adam summed it up pretty well over on TCU and he got Jay to answer some questions. Worth the read. Long live The Beast!

“Miron called me earlier (I thought he was going to be mad about this) and let me know that he has decided to leave behind the company that he started and has sold his ownership of the company to Darcy and Jamie, who he started Macneil with nearly 10 years ago. I asked why and he said that ever since he stopped actually riding BMX due to injuries, it has been difficult for him to stay around the sport watching everyone else enjoy BMX so much. He also cited some health conditions that make it difficult for him to travel comfortably or even sit up for long hours at a desk. He said he was going to be taking some time off before he made any serious decisions about his future.

On a positive note, Jay said that Darcy and Jamie are still extremely motivated to move forward with Macneil and that they were already working on finding a team manager to get the company going full speed again. I know for some of you it is hard to imagine Macneil without Miron, but Jay will be the first one to tell you, and I can vouch for it too, that Darcy and Jamie are both incredibly talented guys who care a lot about BMX and that the company is in good hands.”