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The Stay Mad Movement has been running almost as long as Jaumell has been down with the ‘SET. Our homie in Edmonton teamed up with Jared Chilko, Canada’s Lookback Ambassador. behind the lens to whip together this montage of the elusive Jams.

We’re a little late on sharing this one, but it almost feels like the schedule fits the riding, the edit, and Jaumell’s style perfectly. Better late than never, done right, relaxed, with Edmonton stizz and Canada steez to top it off.

Loving this. Edmonton is an awesome Canadian city with rad parks and tons of great street but the scene has always been one of the best in the country. Check out the usual suspects (Jaumell Campbell, Jared Chilko, Matt Walser, Sean Tiffin, Mike β€˜Boag’ Orita, Chaunch and a few others) all killing their locals with a couple west coast spots in there if I’m not mistaken.

I’ve been curious about this for a minute and the details finally dropped. Some often-featured dudes made the list and I’m stoked. Congratulations to Greg Henry, Jaumell Campbell, Corey Dewey, Greg Flag and Taylor Elvy. Check out Almond for some more details, and if one of the amazing shops in our sidebar don’t have any Almond’s in stock get them to contact Tenpack right away.

I had a whole ton of riding / bails / fun clips sitting on my computer so I threw them together into this rad little edit.

Get familiar.

Features fun and riding from the Winnipeg REPSET fam.

Watch out for Dave McNabb, Cory Beal (myself), Shilou ‘CHAUNCH’ Larocque, Jaumell Campbell, Wayne Hartman, Carl Prettyman, Eric Marshall, Mitchell Stevens, Steve Wieler, George Eccleston, Chris Silva, Phil Haaksma, Cole Jonsson.