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While Desson riding for S&M in Canada now isn’t exactly news, and Isaac Barnes riding a WTF prototype isn’t exactly news either, they’ve gone ahead and turned internet hearsay into a welcome-to-the-team edit and a bike check. Isaac Barnes has been featured extensively lately (isn’t it winter in Canada?), and I think that alone is a strong endorsement. His bike holds up, and if you’re interested in any of that sort of thing you can check out a full bike check below. Desson is one of those dudes who in undoubtedly killing it regardless of whether someone is filming or not, and occasionally (like now) we are given the chance to see some of his riding. The edit above is no exception to his usual standard, and it’s a shame it only has (at time of posting) 300 views. Get some.

This section appeared in an issue of Props over a year ago (I think) and has been online for a couple days, but fortunately for us, it’s filled with some timeless shredding from Isaac Barnes. The first time I met Isaac was around the first time I saw this section. The issue had just dropped and I watched it at Transition bike shop in the middle of a Fit (and S&M I guess, since Isaac tagged along) trip. He was seriously non-stop the entire trip and killed it the whole time. If you’ve ever seen his riding, you know exactly what to expect and this section does not disappoint.

I wish that I got more than just the short impression of Jeff Evans that I received a couple years ago. In BMXFU’s That Counts era, I made a quick little trip down to the Niagara region to ride X-Wheels with Chijioke Okafo and Chris Silva. I slept on the floor of a FU house with no pillow and no blanket and I don’t think I could have been happier. I had heard that Jeff Evans was super good, but I only heard it after an entire day of riding with a crew that included the doesn’t-really-have-a-switch Jetty. We sessionned a huge amount of spots (or so it felt, coming from pretty much nothing) and all I saw Jeff do the entire day was kickflip out of a tiny bank at the very popular Battlefield sub boxes. So I saw a preview of his section in BMXFU’s first video I was obviously blown away, and I think it was one of the first times I experienced an undercover shredder – and I think it influenced my huge appreciation for them as well.

Evans has gone on to produce awesome sections in !!! and it’s an absolute shame we don’t see as much of him anymore. Let’s just be thankful for a quick glimpse in this split edit with Isaac Barnes, and keep our fingers crossed that Jeff’s working on some sort of super secret super-section. FU3: Return of the Jetty would have been perfect, but we can’t have everything.

It looks like 64’s current Team Manager / S&M Rider / Forklift Driver / Box Packing Extraordinaire Isaac Barnes made some excellent use of his spare time to film a couple bangin’ ass clips for the new S&M quarterly video. He’s got some good stuff in the trailer above, which leads me to believe that his actual DVD version clips will be something worth (at the very least) going to pick up from your local shop.

You can also spot a clip of the boss, Chris Moeller, flying off of a riding lawnmower after trying to wheelie it across a mini-ramp. I can’t make this shit up. Actually, this trailer has a lot of rad shit. Hit it up, then keep your eyes peeled for the DVD.

It would be absolutely amazing if more companies put some effort into small releases like these. I realize that a full-on raging DVD project is a little daunting for the smaller brands, and that DVDs are gaining this money-losing stigma, but if BMXFU can put out a full-length without being scared of cutting into party profit then why the fuck can’t anyone else? Sure, you gain more views online, but why not produce a DVD in a format that makes for good online segments as well? It reminds me of the print-ad paradox, where companies are still paying magazines (relatively) huge sums of money for print ads only to have them garner WAY more views online. Keep print alive, and keep DVDs alive. I love them both.

There’s a huge amount of steps being made in all of the right directions, I love where BMX is going. Hopefully these steps inspire my favourite brands to not get left behind.

I hate posting shit when I’m involved. So I might as well get it all over with in one post. Go hit up 1664 and check out their new team page to go along with the edit you can watch above.

Also, I never posted my final web video from Winnipeg so I’ve embedded it below. It’s two months old, and I originally planned to keep it off the ‘set (despite people asking where it was) but I figure I might as well get all the self-hype outta here in one shot. Enjoy.