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Classic Lee Dennis from a time-honoured BMXFU DVD.

FUTU was the 2nd instalment in the BMXFU series that features (mostly) Canadians centred around the Niagara region. FU666 should be out later this year.

I spotted this one over on TCU, and I don’t think I could have wrote a better caption for this shit.

“It’s not gay if you’re brothers. Greg Henry may have a big head and kind of look like KD Lang but he is a shredder and I hear has an amazing section in the works for FU3.”

Make sure you click here and check out Greg’s equally bomb section from BMXFU’s first joint, That Counts.

Here’s another two from FUTU. The first one just below this is a mix section featuring a bunch of good dudes, including a quick few clips from 1664’s Jeff Evans who is really really good. That retard Capone is in there, too. The one under that is Shawn Swain, who is rumored to have the craziest section ever in FU3. Does that mean Lee Dennis isn’t going to have enders? I’m excited to see FU3.

It’s kind of getting hard to keep up with all these BMXFU updates. Andrew White, the front wheel/peg trick pimp pumped out a deece part which you can check out above. Hopefully he’s puttin’ in some good work on FU3 between injuries and getting gay on Wednesdays.

Brad Hill in FUTU from Charlie Crumlish on Vimeo.

Two new FUTU sections hit the interweb today. A skate section featuring Steve Bureau (below), and Brad Hill’s section (above). Still waiting on Charlie’s section so I don’t need to keep poppin’ the DVD in. Enjoy. Look out for Shaun Swain’s section in FU3, I heard it’s going to be nuts.

Steve Bureau in FUTU from Charlie Crumlish on Vimeo.