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The first time I met really got to hang out with Chris Henry was when he stayed at my apartment in Winnipeg on his way out to the west coast. We got drunk as fuck at a random ass bar in St. James on a Tuesday night and celebrated his stay in town with multiple shots of Alize. I don’t know where that idea came from, but it was rad. Either way, Chris Henry is a shredder and every clip in this will get you stoked / give you a laugh. Chris makes BMX look fun as fuck and his monster-truck style is as awesome as it gets. Miss ya, pal. via EMBASSY.

Getting the chance to write a bit about Mike Fiset always puts me in a slightly better mood. Even though the title of this post may suggest that I like to poke fun in his direction, the exact opposite is actually true. I’ve spoken of him here before, but it seems like every time I hear a little about what he’s up to it makes me realize that I barely know him as his interests run so deep and far away from BMX that it’d be impossible to sum him up in a single one-time blog post.

In this case, Mike (in collaboration with EMBASSY) is giving us the chance to see his musical side. Hit up this link and feast your ears.

I’m sure I’ve already mentioned how rad Jeremy Deme is and how stoked I am on The Northern Embassy, his latest online effort. It might not be too widely known that he kills it on a bike as well.

Lately I’ve been super keen on spot and trick selection. Every single local kid in every small town across Canada is as good or better than the average twenty something rider already. It seems almost pointless to end your video with a bar or whip down a set that is one or two stairs larger than the banger in your last thirty second cellphone video. It’s nice to see dudes picking tricks that suit the unique spots they find, take an extra minute to film it well, and put it online to show their friends what they’ve been up to instead of the stock sponsor-me format that most web videos have been taking lately. Having more than two pegs helps, too.

Just when you might have thought The Embassy might eventually run out of exclusive content they surprise us with this gem. Eli Taylor is an up and coming Canadian shit head from Sarnia, Ontario. His style is fast and big, and his videos speak for themselves (in case his recent addition to Stranger / Lotek didn’t solidify his legitimacy to you). Embassy hit him up with some questions, and Eli obliged with some entertaining answers.