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I’m just kidding about the “everyone’s favourite” thing, but definitely not joking about the destruction by Will Fisher and Drew Bezanson. Will does some crazy stuff including a huge tailwhip transfer, while Drew Bezanson does too-many-to-mention ridiculous moves in the big vert wall. Pretty good for a pair of UNs.

Drew Bezanson is in Estonia right now about to win Simpel Session, wish him luck. Justen Soule did the work on the edit, as well.

We should all be incredibly thankful that the internet has given us access to videos like the one above without having to leave the comfort of our homes. Canada’s super star Drew Bezanson absolutely dominated his interview in Ride, and the footage from the photos (and some extras) just got put online. If you’ve seen the photos you’ll be aware that this is really just a series of bangers including one of the biggest 360 barspins I think I have ever seen. Drew Bezanson is on a completely different level right now.

When I first saw this new Drew Bezanson edit, I wasn’t sure if I was going to post it. Usually when an edit consists of old clips, they’re brutal. It’s the honest truth.

This edit, on the other hand, is a true testament to the timelessness of Drew Bezanson’s riding. How has this footage not seen the light of day until now? Those who write Drew off as a contest winning park extraordinaire (there is no doubt that’s true, though) will be surprised to realize – once again- that he can hold it down on big rails and street spots as well. Let’s hope Drew finds time to film some more shit like this in between winning all the contests this year.

Drew Bezanson, Canada’s shining light in BMX, can be spotted here putting on a demo (as is the case every time he’s on a bike) at the Ryder Warehouse. We can all remember (if we’re not boneheads) his other amazing edits from this ramp, and he throws some down casual looking shit that does not disappoint.

Once only known widely as a park / contest rider, Drew has been holding it down on street and blowing minds regularly. Make sure you read his interview in the new RIDE. I took the time and it was worth the read, if not worth the purchase. He absolutely killed the contest season this year, and with that new helmet of his you can expect him to be at everything this year, as well. Let’s send some vibes his way and keep our fingers crossed that Canada will dominate the podiums this year.

As you may have already read, I endorse and give heavy props to places like Inflow. As far as fondness of indoor facilities can go (for me, at least), I’d have to say Inflow is killing it. I even have a membership, and that’s saying something.

Lee Dennis uploaded this video above just shy of an hour ago, and you can check out some dubstep-infused Dead Prez on top of some riding from Alex Cronshaw, Dave Wininger, Chris Rantell, Zeb Dennis, Matt Drew, Paul Hoerdt, Zach Trnka, and Drew Bezanson. Between private-training-facility owners, fuck-god tattoo possessors, chrome-bike-riding no-idea-how-good-they-are type of dudes, and Nora Cup winners, I’d have to say the list is pretty stacked and definitely worth watching (even for an indoor edit, but fuck, it’s Canada. What the hell else are we supposed to ride?).