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The Northern Embassy is always up to something awesome for Canadian BMX. Earlier this January they put together a contest featuring a ton of well known Canadian shredders, along with an Expert jam/session where the winner gets to join the Pro Teams for an invite-only part of the contest. Everyone threw down, including REPSET’s very own Chijioke and Greg Henry. The highlight video above features a ton of crazy footage from Dillon Lloyd (Team Captain), Mike Gray (Team Captain), Ryan Eles, Brandon Webster, Eli Taylor, Justin Hughes, Gabe Truax, Dean Hartley, Spencer Ryan Greg Henry, and Chijioke Okafo.


There’s a ton of rad ‘scrap’ footage in here filmed on a couple phones and whatever else Montreal’s Dazed Crew had in handy.  Featuring clips from a whole ton of dudes including Adriano Rotondo, Anthony Tupin, Brendan Pilon, Dazed Crew, Dillon Lloyd, Giuliano Rotondo, Kevin Irvin, Matt Duquette, Montreal, and Zac Duquette. Last clip is the clear winner.

Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Corey Dewey, and Max Vincent are four dudes that will undoubtedly kill it when put together in a facility like The Taz in Montreal with a camera.

If you’ve never been to or heard of The Taz, go check it out and get familiar. If you’re an owner of an indoor park, take note. The Taz is the best skatepark I’ve ever been to and Canada needs more of them. It seems crazy that the indoor scene in Canada is so small when we’re buried in snow half the year.

This is dope. Macneil took a bunch of the homies out on the West Coast and killed everything. They decided to take their time and do a pretty long edit here and it came out amazing. Really well done. Features Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Jaumell Campbell, Chris Martinda, Chris Silva, Travis Collier, Harrison Boyce and Dom fucking Mach. If that last one doesn’t convince you to watch this, I don’t know what will.