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Besides Dave Osato being a legend in his own right, there’s always been some sort of nostalgia to his older video parts to me. I never watched Saturday morning cartoons. Instead I would sit in front of the TV while my Mom flicked through channels looking for the X-Games and Dave Osato was always always on TV shredding. The Beast was always around too. As soon as I found out Osato was from Winnipeg (the city was raised in) it sealed the deal. I still have never done a whopper, though. I’ll leave that to the BMX-MEN. Thanks to LeastMost for this one.


Nothing wrong with this shit. Dave Osato is a badass.

This pic ran as a 2 page spread in the Gypsy a few years back.. This will never go out of style. Osato under gloomy West Coast skies with Ed Subias behind the lens.

via Demolition.

Alright, anyway, it’s Friday. You’re Canadian. Go get drunk.


Spotted this gem over on Demolition. Hopefully Jason keeps this type of content coming. Gets me stoked.

“We’re going way back with this shot. This must have been 99-2000 and Dave was still on Schwinn and Osiris at the time. This spot was around the corner from our house in Port Coquitlam. I’m still driving the same truck that’s in the background. These days were some of the best times.” – Jason Enns.

So, to keep with the Ten Pack theme today, I’d like to present their old and amazing video, Evolution. Brian Tunney wrote some words about it on ESPN today, and he hit the nail on the head.

Even though I’m not a fan of using the word “classic” to describe something that is just a few years old, I’m breaking my own rule for Ten Pack Distribution’s Evolution video. This thing is mind-bottling, and it never ever got the recognition it deserved

I think almost every Canadian BMX rider has seen this video (so many, in fact, that kids were actually throwing copies back at Harley during a product toss), but if you are one of the few who haven’t then definitely sit back and give yourself a history lesson. Watch out for Dave Osato and Jay Miron killing it, amongst other Canadian legends.