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This promo features street footage from Curtis Kroeker, Brayden Kowaluk, Cory Beal, Louelle Smith, and Nick Rempel. Filmed in Winnipeg and surrounding area during the summer of 2014.

Filmed and edited by Brayden Kowaluk.

I hate posting about myself, but my homie Kurt over at DIG took a minute to hook me up with a new bike check / interview. I really just wanted to post this I could shout my homies out on here though. You’re all pimps. Also, while we’re at it, make sure you check out all the shops in the sidebar that keep the website going. Big things in 2011.

Anything else you want to say?
Of course! Big ups to everyone at The Fit Building as well as Bernie, Craig, and Isaac at 1664 Distribution. Can’t ever thank those dudes enough. They’ve been a bunch of pimps of the last couple years. All the BMXFU guys. Best dudes ever. Orbell’s Garage. Adam at TCU. Jake Montgomery for the stem soup-ups. Shout outs to all my Winnipeg fam. My Mansion dudes, Wayne Hartman, Eric Marshall, Dave and James McNabb, and all the 204 kids. Lucky Lager. Kurt Hohberger at DIG / BMXUNION for hookin’ it up as usual. Always gotta give props to the dudes puttin’ me up lately. TJ and Chris Silva in Toronto, Lee Dennis and Cliff Martin at the FU House, Bobby Hill. Drew Labonte at the HammerHouse. My English crew, The Donn, Safe Nath, CDAWG, and Tom Sanders. Jeremy Deme and the Tenpack crew, Capital BMX, ICC, and them EMBASSY dudes. I’m really bad with shout outs, I could seriously go on forever and ever. Watch out for 2011, grind stunt go hard. Rep your sets.

I hate posting shit when I’m involved. So I might as well get it all over with in one post. Go hit up 1664 and check out their new team page to go along with the edit you can watch above.

Also, I never posted my final web video from Winnipeg so I’ve embedded it below. It’s two months old, and I originally planned to keep it off the ‘set (despite people asking where it was) but I figure I might as well get all the self-hype outta here in one shot. Enjoy.