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Chris Silva has spent years scouring the streets of Toronto and has become one of Canada’s most prolific street riders. Silva’s stacks more footage than up-and-comers almost a decade younger, partly due to a nearly bottomless mental archive of Toronto’s nooks and crannies. Watch a collection of alternate angles from Silva’s ‘Any Means Necessary’ video part and catch his section in the full video below.


Chris Silva hasn’t slowed down after a decorated history in BMX and you could make a list a mile long filled with bangers scattered throughout Silva’s many edits and video parts. The timeline of Silva’s filming never really overlaps between projects so they all seem to represent a specific period / trip / bike set-up. Have a flick through this small collection of Silva footage in this #TBT feature.


I really do think Transworld put it best this time.

Being a country and a few thousand miles away, Chris’ riding has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. From tooth hangin’ massive rails and doing backwards pegless rails in the seemingly the same section almost a decade ago and every pedal grind and footplant variation in between, Chris’ riding almost has this ageless feel in the sense that you can’t tell if it’s old or new—probably because he’s been so damn good for so long. Feeling a need to switch it up, Chris did what a lot of people are doing recently and threw on a freecoaster and decided to hook us up with this dope edit…and stay for the interview.

Chris Silva’s new coaster / pegless edit is insane. Give it a watch and mod your bike until spring shows itself.

REPSET - Chris Silva - Pegless Tooth shot by Ryan Fudger Chris Silva – Pegless Tooth shot by Ryan Fudger

Silva, Toronto’s street pioneer, has a quick interview up on Ride where he talks about his no-pegs/straight-cable bike that he uses to destroy rails all over the world.

I love to see riders who bring something different to the table, it can be the most simple trick but making it original, it can change the way people think and make them want to go out and create as well.

Dufferin Grove is the perfect hockey rink DIY spot that every riding scene needs; a place for a few beers and grinds. A couple of fun jibs, free to get tossed around the space in whatever the locals come up with that afternoon is the perfect recipe for a rad summer spot. Featuring clips from Chijioke OkafoTrent BarkerChris CadotGreg HenryLee DennisBrandon Webster, and Chris Silva via  The Northern Embassy.

In the middle of the city of Toronto, known for its street riding, lays Dufferin Grove Park, or Duff Grove as it is commonly known. Full with a community garden, bone fire pits, and a Thursday evening farmer’s market, it also contains a make shift wooden park that bike riders and skateboarders make the best of. Certain times of the season it may be in total disrepair, and other times it may seem like it is running smoothly. Made of mostly donated ramps (one of which is from us) and rails, the community pitches in where they can to keep this place going.


It’s not news to anyone that REPSET has had a wrench thrown into its engine. Without diving into weirdo reasons and excuses for halting the flow of Canadian BMX news, I’d like to quickly mention that I haven’t forgotten about this (excuse me if it sounds pretentious) important part of Canadian BMX history.

Chris Silva doing a terrifying double-pegs to over in Toronto. Photo by Eric Marshall.

I wrote and curated this piece with Chris Silva nearly a year ago. We worked together and did some back-and-forth over a week or two to get it all sorted out and I ended up just sitting on it. With the decisions I made to slow down the content on the website, and with The Embassy launching, I thought I was going to forward it to that project but for various reasons it got put on hold again and again. We had originally planned to release Silva’s recently launched (online, at least) DVD section from the latest ICC video, but Silva’s much-accepted impatience led to the section dropping before the interview for relevancy’s sake.

Regardless, this is a piece that shouldn’t go unnoticed and unread. In the next few eye-watering feet of web-page you can read Silva’s story about each of his many monumental DVD sections that he’s put together over the years.


Jake Montgomery, Ian Christison, Andrew White, Andrew Gobbo, Chris Silva, and Steven Moxley all put down some deece moves in this quick SOUR FEVER edit.

While it may seem a little quiet over here lately, there’s been some behind-the-scenes progress on a cool new feature with Chris Silva. Watch out for that.

I find it hard to talk about Chris Silva sometimes. When I was a kid Chris Silva was the Toronto guy with the banger section in Lock and Load who I was scared to talk to. I told him that once and he was so modest that he laughed right in my face. If Toronto was a tee, Chris Silva would be the stitching. He’d probably print a Sour Fever logo on it, too. With I.C.C. labels.

Chris got together with EMBASSY to put together a rad interview all about Sour Fever. It compliments our old interview nicely as a then/now piece, as well. This is all coming out now to spread the word about the new stuff Silva’s been printing – by hand, in his basement – that is all available now on SOUR FEVER right now.

You can also pick up gear from some excellent shops that support REPSET as well as SOUR FEVER including Core in Toronto, Joe Mama in Ottawa, and Black Pony in Oshawa.