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Not your typical indoor video, mostly because it’s actually good. Them FU dudes show you how it’s done. Features Brad Hill, Lee Dennis, Jake Montgomery, Greg D’Amico, Miles Crumlish, Charlie Crumlish, Shawn Swain, Josh Litchi, Jordan Dwan, Greg Henry, and introducing, Jarod Creally. Watch out for FU4.

I’m so stoked you are all finally being blessed with this video. Some BMXFU cats came out to Winnipeg and we spent a week riding and doing everything else in this video. The weather was shit but we had an awesome time. Lots of laugh-out-louds, lots of rad riding, and lots of fun. Features BMXFU x REPSET notables such as Brad Hill, Jake Montgomery, Gucci Wayne Hartman, Eric Marshall, Phil Haaksma, Cole Jonsson, Jordan Krupa, and myself (Cory Beal), amongst others. Dump ’em the fuck out.

Also, for those interested, here’s a tracklist. Right-click and save-as.

Wacka Flocka Flame – Hard in the Paint.

Bone Crusher – Never Scared.

Dr. Dre / Snoop Dogg – The Next Episode (Jay Robinson Clubstep Remix).