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Classic Lee Dennis from a time-honoured BMXFU DVD.

FUTU was the 2nd instalment in the BMXFU series that features (mostly) Canadians centred around the Niagara region. FU666 should be out later this year.

Jake Montgomery, Ian Christison, Andrew White, Andrew Gobbo, Chris Silva, and Steven Moxley all put down some deece moves in this quick SOUR FEVER edit.

While it may seem a little quiet over here lately, there’s been some behind-the-scenes progress on a cool new feature with Chris Silva. Watch out for that.

It’s been a little bit slow around here. I’m not sure if it’s my disconnect from Canada, though. Either way, there are some jams coming up that I wish I could go to. 420 Jam in Niagara Falls, and Gorilla Jam in Victoria.

Attending events like this has always been something I am extremely passionate about. On this side of the world (in my small bubble of experience, at least) there seems to be very little motivation towards these sorts of things. I don’t know why. I always write it off as a ‘too cool’ attitude, but I don’t think that’s fair. Amidst complaints of how busy the spot will be (… isn’t that the point?) there’s a certain unwillingness to see friends from past times. Sure, you can drive from one end of England to another in a day if you really set your mind to it (and your pedal to the floor) which means that no one is really that far, it still seems insane to not drive a couple hours to support someone’s effort to bring scenes together. BMX is awesome, and every set of wheels in attendance at any related event does nothing but tighten the scene up.

The point of this is that Canada is still (although I may be a tiny bit biased and also weather aside, of course) the best place I’ve ever been. I haven’t see too many corners of our huge planet, but the willingness to go out of our way to see each other, the positive attitudes, mostly drama free and generally friendly atmospheres is something I’ve always taken for granted. The Canadian stereotype is an amazing one. We should be proud that the jams above will be awesome.

Instead of worrying about the one-uppers, the chaotic sessions, and the all-dude after parties – just get yourself out there. If there’s a set of guys who never say hello to you (what jerks!), why not be the better man and go say hello yourself? Sure the other parks / spots in the vicinity will be empty and open for you to have a quiet session, but what fun is that when things like the above events are taking place?

Reading between these lines might be a small insight into how I’ve been feeling lately after having missed several awesome jams, but this post wasn’t fulled by bitterness or resentment. It was written from my passion for Canada! I’m happy to have an excuse to write a little about how great our country is.

This video made me happy. There’s something about spring sessions, casual filming, and my friends killing it that makes me realize how dope our scene (nationwide!) is. I’ve never been anywhere like home.

Toronto got some snow since this was filmed, but the above video is a good sign of things to come. With everything going on lately, I hope everyone can use bikes as a great excuse to spend time with their friends and enjoy simple ass shit like cruising around peg-chinking down curbs.

This has been in the works all summer, and although it hasn’t been exactly a secret it still comes as a surprise that it’s out and ready to go already. Also, they’re free. This should be good, as the Tenpack Distribution team is full of some of the most insane Canadians in the business.

You can grab one this weekend at Toronto BMX Jam from the Core booth, free of charge.

Also, here’s some more photos of some other independent type shit you’ll be able to find throughout the weekend.

One of the best parts (for me) about the annual Toronto bike show is the backpack merchants. Every year more and more local DIY ‘companies’ (so to speak) show up with awesome videos, shirts, and stickers. When I was a kid just barely getting interested in BMX my Mom heard about the Metro BMX Jams that Jay Miron was putting on at the time. I remember sitting in the stands and being insanely excited to see Dave Osato ride (I had just moved from Winnipeg and was pumped to know that dudes like that grew up in the same neighbourhood – let alone city – that I did) and it was one of the first times I really saw how cool BMX was. I bought a copy of Faction Video Magazine from a dude with a giant beard, and the ICC video I mention in every post from Leland Nightingale at the Hogtown booth. I asked my Mom for $20 to go find a shirt to buy and ended up getting a Shitluck (I’m So Happy I Could Shit) tee from a dude in a chicken suit and wore it until it disintegrated. Awesome.

Anyway, as you can see above – BMXFU will be selling a ton of new tees (including this one that’s not pictured above) at the jam and SOUR FEVER will also have all their new stuff available as well. The basic strategy to find this shit is to spot someone wearing a tee that you want and ask them who they got it from. Don’t be shy. You’ll have to track down the right dude with the right backpack. You can pay in weed, beer (none of that light shit), and cash, I assume.

This will be the first bike show I’ve missed since the first one I went to all those years ago. I expect you all to be on your absolute worst fucking behaviour. I am jealous. Get drunk in the stands for me, and see you next year.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find crashes incredibly hilarious when they’re not serious. There are some funny ones in here, notably from Nick Dagg. On the other hand, I see a lot of shoulder issues, as well. Pains me to see my friends getting worked, so shout outs to Jordan Krupa (who disclocated BOTH his shoulders in the last clip) and Glen Hoerdt (who lost on halfway through a feeble grind). In case you haven’t done so already, buy FU4. It’s good. You will like it.

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