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Spotted this one floatin’ through the internets today. Features some leftover footage of “Sam Lowe, Andy Roode, James Steele, Brian Serneels, JR, Josh Straat, Josh Zylstra, Andrew King, Nick Meyer, [and] Mackie”.

Always a pleasure to see a couple Sam Lowe clips.

This trip looked like a ton of fun. Check out what Harley had to say about it below, and check out some shredding from a bunch of rad Canadians above.

I can’t say enough about the BC Interior is that it’s one of the best places on earth. This trip was one of the highlights of our summer tours, so many great parks and spots, too many good nights and epic beach sessions. Check out some riding from the Volume and Demolition crew (Biz, Alfredo Mancuso, Andy Roode, Chijioke Okafo) as well as a few guests. Filmed by Luke Santucci, edited by Jeremy Deme.