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Jake Montgomery, Ian Christison, Andrew White, Andrew Gobbo, Chris Silva, and Steven Moxley all put down some deece moves in this quick SOUR FEVER edit.

While it may seem a little quiet over here lately, there’s been some behind-the-scenes progress on a cool new feature with Chris Silva. Watch out for that.

I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of Andrew Whites‘s Welcome to FIT/1664 edit few days ago and I gotta say I’m psyched on it. I wrote a ton about how rad Andrew is in his intitial ‘on-Fit’ post a little way back, but now you all get to see a little winter shreddin’ from the man himself. He’s on a mission to shred, if you didn’t know. Internet’s not ready for this one. I promise, you will not be unimpressed.

Charlie Crumlish, Chris Orbell, and Jake Montgomery shred their new Sunday Forecasters along with some guest clips from Andrew White. You already know it’s good. Why are you still reading? Press play.