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Canada has churned out years and years worth of amazing riders from all corners of our country, and it was a great pleasure to get to pick away at the brain of one of South Ontario’s beacons of all-around bike-wizardry. Will Fisher has been flying under radars and over gaps for as long as I can remember, and has paid his dues both on and off the bike for just as long.

Brad Hill was drafted to edit footage from a 1664 trip, and after Will’s separation from the brand (briefly discussed below) his section got put into internet-limbo and we couldn’t let it go unseen. We’re proud to present some old new-to-you Will Fisher footage.

Keep reading for some words with Will about how he got started, TV appearances, sponsor changes, and more.


I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of Andrew Whites‘s Welcome to FIT/1664 edit few days ago and I gotta say I’m psyched on it. I wrote a ton about how rad Andrew is in his intitial ‘on-Fit’ post a little way back, but now you all get to see a little winter shreddin’ from the man himself. He’s on a mission to shred, if you didn’t know. Internet’s not ready for this one. I promise, you will not be unimpressed.

Over the last little while there has been a lot going on over at 1664 Distribution. With a couple departures, a subtle change, and a few more long awaited additions, it looks like 2011 is shaping up to be a great year.

The French Connection, Louis Pepin, can be seen in this edit above putting some moves down at a couple prefab parks, but I think the most impressive clips might be from Markham. When I was growing up Markham skatepark was brand new, no bikes, and just far enough away that riding it was one of life’s simplest luxuries. Finding a ride with a good crew, having the weather hold up, and crossing fingers that it wasn’t packed was all I worried about for a Saturday morning. A stark contrast to my current situation of just hoping I’m alive when I wake up after a Friday night. Press play and watch LP get busy.

In team changes, it’s been announced that one my favourite Canadian riders, Taylor Elvy, is making moves to greener pastures. He would be a great addition to any team, and I can’t sign his praises enough. I’m disapointed that him and I will probably never do anything like this again. TMs, if you’re listening, Taylor Elvy is a free agent and probably won’t be for long. His Embassy connects can’t be a bad thing for him coverage-wise, either.

Matt Desson has been floating in limbo for years. Starting out as Seshin’s flagship rider and quickly moving to ride for 1664’s in-house brand pushed his name out to the further reaches of Canadian territory a couple years ago, but with 64’s focus shifting away from frames (for who knows how much longer, if not indefinitely) it only made sense to get him hooked up through their distribution channel. Desson is now riding for S&M bikes alongside Isaac Barnes in Canada.

Now, for the juice. Jordan Hango has joined the Canadian Fit Team. You’ll probably remember him from his recent Embassy edit. He’s also being added alongside a good friend of mine. I’ve been typing this entire time anxiously awaiting to start writing about this dude. I’ve known Andrew White for a long time, and while I don’t pretend I get asked for the scoop on up-and-comers that much, I will say that I’ve been dropping Andrew’s name for quite a long time. Sometimes solo, and sometimes alongside his BMXFU homies (who are all being picked up one-by-one as time goes on). His unique switch-foot swagger and front-peg-mastery combine for some of the most entertaining video sections coming out of the North. I had a lot of trouble picking which appearances should earn an honorable mention in this post, so peruse at your own will if you have a little extra time on your hands.