Author: REPSET

When I was 11 years old and too weak to lift the front of my 2001 GT Vertigo I used to ride flatland. There was a shitty parking lot outside of a drive-in burger shack called Whistle Pig in the east end of Winnipeg and I would ride there every single day for some reason. I was actually horrible at flatland and learned to hop soon after, but that childhood love for flatland never really left me. This Peter Olsen video is fucking awesome. It’s great to see people still putting in hours on BMX’s slightly-hidden most technically difficult discipline.

I really do think Transworld put it best this time.

Being a country and a few thousand miles away, Chris’ riding has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. From tooth hangin’ massive rails and doing backwards pegless rails in the seemingly the same section almost a decade ago and every pedal grind and footplant variation in between, Chris’ riding almost has this ageless feel in the sense that you can’t tell if it’s old or new—probably because he’s been so damn good for so long. Feeling a need to switch it up, Chris did what a lot of people are doing recently and threw on a freecoaster and decided to hook us up with this dope edit…and stay for the interview.

Chris Silva’s new coaster / pegless edit is insane. Give it a watch and mod your bike until spring shows itself.