Author: REPSET

Chijioke has been down with the ‘SET since day one and has been killing it on a bike just as long. Chris Cadot put together this collection of footage filmed by himself and a mix of Chij’s homies in and around Toronto / Niagara region. Watch out for more from Chijioke this year.

Our spring line is available in our online store now as well with free shipping anywhere in North America. Free stickers with every order, too. Don’t sleep.

Shout out to TCU for this one.

Our boy Phil BartlettΒ and ANT LIFE just dropped some footage from their trip and it goes too hard. Shout out to the East Coast connections for holding it down proper. Phil got the banger and it’s crazy of course.

Dave Scott has a rad photo gallery from the trip right here, as well.

Get on IG and give the crew a follow.

This promo features street footage from Curtis Kroeker, Brayden Kowaluk, Cory Beal, Louelle Smith, and Nick Rempel. Filmed in Winnipeg and surrounding area during the summer of 2014.

Filmed and edited by Brayden Kowaluk.

SUMMER SLAM 2014 was a blast, but you already knew that.

Our friend and photographer Harold Mitchell (Instagram) was on hand to snap portraits of most of our entrants and volunteers and was nice enough to share them with us. Give him a follow and check out the awesome photos below.