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Looks like our pals at 514BMX had a blast. These guys have had their hands in awesome BMX shit for years and it’s awesome to see their events grow. We ended up sending them two packages by accident so there was plenty of REPSET gear to be won. Check the video out above for a recap of the costumed shredding.



The squad packed up and drove out to Kenora for a weekend of BMX, camping, and jumping off shit into water this summer.
Here’s a short look at the little skatepark warm-up session plus some antics after a day of riding Kenora’s street offerings.

Thanks again to Nic Z. for the hospitality and accommodations.

Shout out to our homie RAYNY for the beat.

Also, in case you missed it, we published a Kenora Photogallery shot by Dennis Burnett, as well.

REPSET - Kenora Photogallery by Dennis Burnett

Enns has been an icon in BMX long before moving to California where he now enjoys a seemingly endless supply of pools and other untouched spots. Check out Jason Enns’ awesome section in Volume’s newest full length video ‘The Finer Things‘ where he treats us to a tour of unique transitions, confident toothpick variations, all put together a long long way from his hometown of Winnipeg.

Mike Mastroni did an awesome job on the video – and there’s an awesome feature outline the project. Go check out Mike Mastroni – The Hardest Thing To Do on Dig BMX Magazine for the full story behind the making of Volume’s new video.

4. Jason’s Tunnel Line.

This is one of my favorite clips in Jason’s part from a spot/trick/filming perspective and also because you can tell Jason is just completely in his element here. For anyone who follows Jason on Instagram you know that he lives for finding pools, full pipes, tunnels, or really just any discoverable transition not intended for riding. Working on this line with Jason was like watching a big kid in a candy store as he went to town making dams, cleaning up puddles, and sweeping the entire tunnel of debris. Also, fun fact: The gap to wall from the square tunnel into the round tunnel followed by carves to wallride 180 are actually at two completely different spots about a mile away from each other. With a little filming/editing trickery, nobody would ever be the wiser. For all you nerds reading this, keep that a secret.

Jason also had two awesome behind-the-scenes videos. They’re embedded below for your viewing pleasure.



Phil Bartlett has been killing it. Paul Pike put together the footage above to announce Phil’s addition to The Make team. They’re curating a list of the toughest street riders from across the globe and our East Coast connection is a perfect fit.

“Phil Bartlett joins The Make with an introductory video spanning across the reaches of North America. Filmed from farthest point east in North America, Phil’s home province of Newfoundland, Canada all the way to the Golden State of California. Whether Phil finds himself near the Atlantic or Pacific, he and his 4 pegged steed are searching low and high…

Filmed and edited by Paul Pike”




Phil also had a feature on Dig recently about his trip to California with some words and photos, like the one above shot by Devin Feil.


Chris Silva has spent years scouring the streets of Toronto and has become one of Canada’s most prolific street riders. Silva’s stacks more footage than up-and-comers almost a decade younger, partly due to a nearly bottomless mental archive of Toronto’s nooks and crannies. Watch a collection of alternate angles from Silva’s ‘Any Means Necessary’ video part and catch his section in the full video below.


SUMMER SLAM 2015 went off last weekend and was an awesome time. We’re lucky enough to already have this amazing video from Graham McCallum, as well as some photos below by Dennis Burnett.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We couldn’t have done it without Woodcock Cycle. It’s hard to believe that there are other shops in the city who want to try and stop us from bringing this many riders together for a day of fun on bikes. It’s even harder to believe how many Canadian ‘BMX’ companies stand right behind them. Stop the bullshit and support bike shops like WC that love riding bikes.
Shout out to OGC BMX for hooking up prizes from Merritt BMX and Eclat Brand.
Thank you to Gear Premium for setting us up with some glass to give away, too!


Chris Silva hasn’t slowed down after a decorated history in BMX and you could make a list a mile long filled with bangers scattered throughout Silva’s many edits and video parts. The timeline of Silva’s filming never really overlaps between projects so they all seem to represent a specific period / trip / bike set-up. Have a flick through this small collection of Silva footage in this #TBT feature.