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The Northern Embassy held a contest over Canada-Day-weekend requesting BMX riders from across the country to document the holiday however they saw fit and share it with the many scenes from coast to coast.

The Embassy asked us to “create a short video that is representative of how much fun [you] are having with [your] friends, which is the biggest reason we all ride bikes.” We took the opportunity to show our friends from across the globe how much (and why) we love the great city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We started filming the morning of Saturday, June 30th, and wrapped up on Monday, the 2nd of July. All footage is in chronological order. We also used music produced exclusively in Winnipeg by some of our most talented local artists (one of which is a rider, David McNabb, who is featured in this video).

REPSET is proud to present a weekend in Winnipeg, our favourite city on earth.

MUSIC (in order of appearance).

THE LYTICS – ‘Stay Humble’, and ‘Smoke!’.

VIKINGS – ‘Little Spark’ and ‘Who You Are’.

DANGERCAT – ‘Go Wolves’.


These just landed at the REPSET HQ. Contact your local representative to get your hands on a couple. Or get yourself out to Summer Slam.

Non-204-area set-reppers can get in touch for home delivery, as well. You know the drill.

As always, a huge thanks to Twisted Sticker for hooking it up. Support companies who support keeping BMX awesome.

REPSET - SUMMER SLAM - A BMX contest at Komenda Memorial Skatepark

REPSET is proud to present a BMX contest at The Komenda Memorial Skatepark.

AUGUST 12th.





All entrants under the age of 18 MUST have their waiver/release form signed by a parent or guardian. The form can be downloaded here (.pdf).

Registration begins at 12PM, don’t be late!

Just to clarify some confusion, the $5 entry fee and waiver is for riders competing only.

Coming out to cruise the park with your pals is strongly encouraged and 100% free. We’ll have a BBQ and some new tees for sale though, so don’t forget to bring your allowance anyway.

As always, we’d like to thank Tenpack Distribution for helping us out and making this all possible.

Canada has churned out years and years worth of amazing riders from all corners of our country, and it was a great pleasure to get to pick away at the brain of one of South Ontario’s beacons of all-around bike-wizardry. Will Fisher has been flying under radars and over gaps for as long as I can remember, and has paid his dues both on and off the bike for just as long.

Brad Hill was drafted to edit footage from a 1664 trip, and after Will’s separation from the brand (briefly discussed below) his section got put into internet-limbo and we couldn’t let it go unseen. We’re proud to present some old new-to-you Will Fisher footage.

Keep reading for some words with Will about how he got started, TV appearances, sponsor changes, and more.


It’s that time of year again. Due to some random dude poaching our date, and then cancelling (no surprise there, really), we’ve had to push the date back by a month.

Better late than never, though.

June 3rd, Skatepark West, 1PM. You all know the drill.

All the classics are back. BBQ, Gnarbar, footdown, prizes for shredders, and a few more surprises. Be there.

There will also be a special surprise event with an entry fee of $2.

Exclusively sponsored by the good folks at TENPACK.

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Johnye West is one of the most entertaining younger riders coming up in Winnipeg right now. The Forks is his local stomping grounds, where he spends most of his time zooming around the bowl and heckling females. Enjoy.

These are getting stuffed into envelopes and scattered across the country as we speak. Get in touch if you’d like to add yourself to the mailing list.

UPDATE: And just like that… they’re gone.